torsdag 30 september 2010


I did some research on my latest post.
Things might be more fucked up than we'd ever imagine.
Sara is a hebrew name meaning princess.
But that's alright.
The strange thing is. Justin is an English name meaning "just, fair".
Tegan is a Welsh name meaning "pretty, fair".
The situation just fucked itself in the air.
Justin didn't replace Tegan in my earlier post. Justin IS Tegan. And I will prove it.
Tegan = Fair
Jutin = Fair
Justin = Tegan
Now this is pure, irrefutable logic. Math has proven Justin to be Tegan.
Also, "Quinn" the surname of the "sisters" means "Descendant of Con". Could Con stand for Canada;ONtario?
Now that implies that not only Tegan, but BOTH the sisters are Justin (as Canada, Ontario is the birthplace of Justin), and if that's the case, did Justin clone himself twice and sent the twins through time?
Are they just an experiment to see what would become of him and his music if he was a girl? If he had a twin? If he was English?
I do not know what is going on here. But Justin cannot be trusted. Shit, if he controls time and cells and gender, what stops him from silencing me?

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  1. >Sara is a hebrew name meaning princess.

    umm...not really bro lol.

    the rest is wut

  2. Once again, what the fuck did I just read?