onsdag 29 september 2010


A widely speculated theory is that Justin is in fact a rumored "third" sister of the Tegan and Sara clan. Now this theory holds some arguments that to the loose of conflict might seem a bit off the ashtray, but be not alarmed. Read through it, and it might just make sense.
So. There were three Tegan and Sara sisters; Tegan, Sara and Julia. The three were an excellent trio, and with Kim on the drums primarily the band managed to get its folky paws on almost every genre out there, always bringing fresh and new stuff into their new musical area. The three of them seemed so happy.
But that was not the case.
There being three of them caused quite the commotion whenever they had a disagreement, as two would usually go against one. The one being singled out would then be pretty fucking pissed. This would happen to all of them of course, but a spiral of bad energy and conflicts was slowly jerking the loose thread of the sweater that was their band.
The final straw was when Tegan said that Sara was the best drummer in the band, during whatever argument. Julia got fucking pissed, left the band and went solo. Tegan felt bad, and wanted Julia to come back, but apparently Julia "didn't need her fucking lesbo pity".  Julia tried solo for a while, sold some records that in truth were fucking bad, whilst Tegan and Sara broke up the remains of the band.
Julia came to her senses and realized that the situation fucking sucked. Tegan and Sara breaking up because she left them was heartaching for her. And she also somewhat wished that there had never been three of them to start with.
So she got inside the DeLorean and went back to the day they were born, abducted the would-be Julia, and placed her tiny bit later in history (you can't move these history babies too far or time will freak out), and also sex-changed her. Julia became Justin. Tegan and Sara were left without their third part.
Julia then vanished from existence.

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  1. Hah he proberly is actually female.

  2. He needs to hit puberty fast.

  3. Awesome blog idea. It reminds me of my last year of high school where my friend and I kept a blog full of fake Justin Bieber scandals/news.

  4. This read like a crack fanfic. Quite entertaining :)

  5. Man. This blog is great. I like this kind of "storytelling" haha

  6. i always knew there was something wrong with Bieber.....

  7. holy damn, your whole blog is about people who happen to look like justin beiber