tisdag 28 september 2010

God damn the war is good on the front in fact the war is best on the fron

So you wanna be a boxer? in the golden ring?
Well fuck you because Justin just replaced Tegan. From now on it's Justin and Sara. And god damn that pop-electro-mainstream-folk-acoustic-funk-lesbian sound is fucking good.
in fact it's the best.
The bad news is that there is only one copy of their album and that copy is in the depths of atlantis' deepest cave.

EDIT: So I was pondering why TEGAN was left out, as Tegan is a far more lesbian name than Sara, and Justin obviously has the hots for the lezbos.
Then I viewed the poll. As it turns out, Sara is MILES ahead of Tegan in Looking-like-a-lesbianist term. The difference is procentually undeterminable.

Seriously though if you like music, Sufjan Steven's  'The age of adz' recently leaked. It's up on magiska for a grab.

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